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AEMS is a provider of quality services ranging from product sourcing to full turn-key assemblies from various low cost regions in Asia.

AEMS approach is to be an extension of your business, acting as your procurement and manufacturing partner.

Communication and technical problems are no obstacle, as the AEMS team  consist of qualified engineering professionals who are experienced, fluent in English and Asian languages and understand the cross culture of these regions.

We have worked hard in gathering a wide network of associated companies, throughout Asia that can provide you with high quality products using the latest technology.

By using the AEMS network of qualified manufacturers and dedicated staff you will be able to save cost without the expense and risk.


Turn-Key | Electronic Product Assembl;y
Pay Station | assembly


Electric Cables
Power Adaptors | Various Configs/Power Ratings
Metal Fabricated Kiosk Plate | Music Industry
Pay Station metal fabricated informations kiosk

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